Movement Control Profiles

Because of all the profiles being coated, there is perfect coherence with floor coverings and it constitutes integrity. These profiles are highly resistible against acids, oil and strong cleaning materials.

These expansion joint profiles are used at places where exposures high pedestrian and vehicle traffic like airports, Shopping malls, Office buildings, hospitals, hotels etc... There is big risk to be cracked or break because of the pressure on tiles, granite, wall tile or marbles and expansion or contraction due to thermal change on these coats. Therefore, these profiles has to be applied at every 16 m2 area. These expansion joint profiles can absorb all the expansion and contraction stress and they make ambient more decorative. These profiles can be manufactured as stainless steel (14301 quality), as mill finished or natural anodized aluminum with the desired color. These profiles are available as brass, as well.

Aluminum Movement Control Profile Aluminum Movement Control Profile Aluminum Movement Control Profile

* L Junction Profile Junction Profile and the junction profile with plus shape can be manufactured upon request.

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