About Onay Profil

Architectural Solutions, has a solid reputation to provide a quality service on global scale and has the power to produce specifially products to meet different needs. In this process, it serves as a solution partner to companies... At every stage of manufacturing, production is carried out in international standarts. The company's enterprise infrastructure, specifications and installation procedures are fitted in accordance with the customer's individual needs.

The target of our company is become wanted and irrefutable in the industry, and have a long and continuous success with a new look and an open attitude.


  • Having TOTAL QUALITY LIABILITY with all units in our company
  • Protection of the environment, taking into account concerning the activities to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Respond to the relevant people and institutions that have environmental demans in the light of the principle of transparency.
  • Using new technologies in our manufacturing, operations and processes from first step to delivery of finished products.
  • Educate and sensitize the permanent employees and workers of other companies operating in production area.
  • Serve law, legislation, regulations and Occupational Health and Safety responsibilities and share their responsibilities with our employees.
  • Provide efficent, safe and healty working environment, to enable communication, to increase the performance of individual employees and provide to using all internal and external resources to reward knowledge and success.


  • In Building Materials, to provide appropriate solutions by producing detailed solutions in specific products that needed in market.
  • In Building Materials, to have the power to achieve reference not only in sales service but also after-sales service.
  • By targeting 100% customer satisfaction, to ensure the continutiy of relationships.
  • To strengthen the customer satisfaction by returning the demands to result in the fastest way.
  • In price policy, being one step ahead of its competitors with suitable price without compromising the quality of its marketing products.


In light of our institutional values;
With the aim of using correct products about building materials in Turkey, spreading awareness of customers by advertising products, implementing customer-oriented service and increase the value of our company.