Expansion joint profiles comprises with specially developed filling in the middle and aluminum or stainless steel side components. Because of expansion joint is manufactured by specially process technics and cured in its producing environment, its final state have high quality and integrity constitute. It has high resistance to acids, oils and strong cleaning materials.

Thanks to coated surface, it has a better image with floor coverings and constitutes integrity. It has high resistance to acids, oils and strong cleaning materials...
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About ONAY Profil

Architectural Solutions, has a solid reputation to provide a quality service on global scale and has the power to produce specifially products to meet different needs. In this process, it serves as a solution partner to companies... At every stage of manufacturing, production is carried out in international standarts. The company's enterprise infrastructure, specifications and installation procedures are fitted in accordance with the customer's individual needs.

The target of our company is become wanted...
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What is the functionalities?

• Has been specially developed for high and ultra high mechanical loads.

• Is a seperation profile to provide acting independently of coating products such as Ceramic tile, marble coating products?

• Is resistant to strong acids and cleaning supplies.

• Suitable for use in industrial areas.

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